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MADDOS is a combat-proven anti-drone system. It comprises multi-sensors, which allows the user to detect any kind of drone – military, commercial, fully autonomous and then neutralize the threat by using soft- or hard-kill effector. Advanced AI algorithms distinguish detected object from birds or planes and classify it as a drone. The system is operated by an intuitive and user-friendly C2 software where every information is displayed on a fully customizable UI, where user can configure the sensors and where visual and audio alerts are generated.

Main features

  • Multi-sensor system
  • 360A/90E degree full dome coverage
  • Fully automatic operation mode
  • Low false alarm rate
  • High tracking accuracy
  • Extremely high detection range
  • Scalable for huge sites and borders
  • Locates drone swarms and drone operators

System scheme

Use case

System configuration

Operation scheme 

RF detection




ToC (Take over control)

GNSS spoofing

Kamikaze drone

Mobile solution

C² Software