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Hard-kill solution developed by AP-FLYER in cooperation with UNIT LLC. The solution integrates MADDOS long rage 4D radar, which detects the target and transmits its 3D position information to fire control system.
The turret is automatically aimed at the sector where the target is located and opto-electronic module starts tracking. The distance to the target is determined and a 3D flight path of the target is calculated to accurately shoot down the threat. FCS Orion can effectively destroy any type of UAV from significant range, while maintaining high mobility and ease of transportation.

Key features:

  • Effective against NATO Class 1 drones
  • Designed to counter loitering munition
  • Day & night operative
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Main gun: 23mm or 12.7mm
  • Effective range up to 2.5km
  • Electric drives for rotation in azimuth and elevation
  • Processing unit with ballistics calculator