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MADDOS Radar is an advanced software-defined, pulse-Doppler radar platform that can host various operational missions, which can be executed either separately or time interleaved. It has an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) S-Band antenna using GaN technology and covering over 90º in azimuth and 90º in elevation. With use of 4 radar panels as a system, 360 deg coverage is achieved.

MADDOS Radar is capable of classifying the detected flying target as UAV with less than 1% false alarm rate.
At the same time it distinguishes other objects like birds, kites and planes from drones.

MADDOS Radar provides features that allow operational flexibility against varying threats, of different size and operating with different velocities, without changing its hardware. The AESA flexible beamforming provides predefined search beams, dynamic tracking beams, improved detection performance by forming multiple overlapping search beams, and Track-While-Search (TWS) capability.


  • 4D AESA pulse Doppler radar
  • Combat proven SHORAD/C-UAS system
  • Superior performance against low signature  targets (RCS, Velocity, Altitude)
  • Automatic Self-Calibration
  • Operation On The Move (OTM) while mounted on a tactical vehicle or vessel
  • 5km detection range of nano drones
  • 10km detection range of mini UAV
  • Tracking of up to 512 targets at the same time
  • Frequency band: S
  • AI algorithms for target type classification
  • 4 panels cover 360°x90° – full hemispheric protection