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The system can be extended to include an automated, integrated jammer that can effectively prevent a drone from receiving RF contact/signals, thus forcing it into failsafe mode, e.g. to land or to hover. The interference is extremely selective so that other RF channels are not impaired.

Besides being highly selective, the jammer is extremely directional and only jams in the direction of the incoming UAV.

Portable jammer

  • Omni- and directional antenna
  • Covers up to 6 bands
  • 120W output
  • Up to 2.5km range

Stationary sector jammer

  • Configurable no. of Configurable no. of 90° sectors,
  • Covers up to 12 bands,
  • 425 W (up to 4-6 km range)
  • 1500 W output (up to 8-12 km range)

Programmable jammer

  • 360° coverage with 4 or 8 sectors,
  • Jamming frequency range: 400MHz – 6GHz (NO GAPS!),
  • 30 W per sector (up to 4 km range)
  • 100 W per sector (up to 8 km range)