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C² Software


Command & Control and Network

The MADDOS Anti-Drone System Command and Control (C²) System is using software for Anti-Drone application.

The main functions of the C² system are as follows:

  • Integrated Detection (RF, Radar, Camera) & Defeat (Jammer) sub-system
  • Auto-Target Alert, Acquisition & Tracking
  • Auto or Manual Jamming
  • Drone Identification
  • ADS-B
  • Record, Play back and Analysis

Typical C² set up (Fixed, Vehicle or Portable)

Maddos C² Software

C² software is a module based software package developed specifically for e.g.: the civil police services, border police, airports, military services etc.

Server functions as a connection point for all subsystems (Day/Night cameras, Thermal cameras, Pan-Tilt, LRFs, etc.) and a distribution point for data System parameters, diagnostics, imaging, etc.) to all connected clients.

AP-FLYER has customized and further developed the C² software for anti-drone application by integrated AARTOS RF sensor, Radar, Camera and Jammer and can be extended for any other sensor.

Features and Modules


  • Real time video observation (Pan/Tilt, Zoom/Focus, Single picture, picture in picture)
  • Video analysis module (Video tracking, Image stabilization, Motion detection, Change detection, Template matching)
  • Video overlay support
  • Panoramic picture
  • Sector scanning
  • Video recording/Snapshots with timestamps
  • Multiple sensors support (Thermal imagers, Day/Night Cameras, Laser rangefinders, GNSS moduled, Pan-Tilt units)
  • Multiple video encoding types support
  • Multilayer support
  • Viewpoint calculation (based on 3D model)
  • Measurement tools (distance, orientation, direction, circumference)


  • Supported map formats (Raster/Imagery, Vector, Terrain, 3D models)
  • Presentation layers (Target layers, Surveillance platform layer, Map layers, Zones layer, Range layer, Resources layer)
  • Drawing tools (geometric shapes, text)
  • Alarm zones
  • Exclusion zones
  • Alarm management
  • Video Surveillance integration (Slew-to-cue mode, Target Tracking)
  • Positions presets
  • Own Drone tracking
  • Data fusion – by integrating different detection information
  • Mission Record, playback and analysis

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