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C2 software

In MADDOS system software is the key! It allows the user to display all important information about the target in one place and act when needed. User-friendly GUI makes the use of the system very easy and intuitive. The operator can configure and activate/disactivate all sensors, display their health status, customize the UI to show only relevant information and much more. Thanks to using NATO standard symbology the software can be not only used in civilian application but also in military. Upon request it is possible to integrate any sensor of the customer into MADDOS ecosystem or our API can be shared, so the customers can do the integration themselves.

  • No operator required, simple and easy-to-use GUI for DDS
  • Multi-layer zone configuration with different actions
  • 24/7 monitoring and recording
  • Steady development and new feature integration
  • Based on NATO standard symbology
  • Scalable software able to handle complex multiple site systems (countrywide solutions)
  • Flexible in integrating 3rd party software and hardware
  • No connection to the Internet required