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MADDOS UAV is a ready-to-fly platform in VTOL configuration able to execute various automatic or manual missions. Its design allows the system to take off and land mostly everywhere, even during strong wind. The high payload and fuselage capacity (up to 25kg) enables the UAV to carry multiple advanced on-board sensors. MADDOS UAV can be used in both military and civilian application for surveillance, border control, search and rescue, agriculture and public safety.

drone UAV

Main features


VTOL configuration – take off and land everywhere, no runway needed


Up to 10h of flight


Carbon fiber construction – light and durable

Modular design – fast field assembly

Up to 25kg payload

Multiple advanced payloads options

Long range data link – 200+ km LOS

Autonomous mission capabilities

Day and night operative

VTOL series


  • 3.5m wingspan
  • 3h endurance
  • Fully electric propulsion
  • 22kg MTOW
  • 4kg payload weight


  • 4.5m wingspan
  • 7h endurance
  • Hybrid propulsion (electric + gasoline)
  • 85kg MTOW
  • 20kg payload weight


  • 6m wingspan
  • 10h endurance
  • Hybrid propulsion (electric + gasoline)
  • 100kg MTOW
  • 25kg payload weight

Advanced autopilot

One-click autonomous missions

Triple autopilot redundancy


Custom user interface


Onboard black box

Communication link

200+ km LOS range


Encryption AES-128/ AES-256

Signal redundancy – extra safety


Selective operating frequency – 433MHz + 868MHz + 915MHz + 1.4GHz + 2.4GHz


Optional 4G/LTE and satcom

Mesh network

Advanced gimbal cameras

EO + IR integrated sensors

Object detection and tracking

Geo-locating and geo-pointing


Integrated laser range finder


Visible and IR laser pointers

On-board recording

Navigation payloads

Ground Control Station


Robust control station

Sun-readable touch screens

Antenna tracker

Communication range up to 200km


Operating time up to 12h on internal battery

High-performance applications