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GNSS spoofing

Combat proven soft-kill solution able to mitigate all kind of drones equipped with GNSS sensor, even preprogrammed or fully autonomous. The system spoofs onboard GNSS system of the drone and sends fake information to trigger mitigation process. According to chosen mode the system

will invoke different behavior on the target. Thanks to very compact size and low weight, the system can be used as stationary system mounted on a tripod, or as a mobile one mounted on a vehicle.

  • Mitigate of all kind of drones equipped with GNSS sensor
  • Compact size, easy to transport
  • Range over 3km
  • Operation modes:
    • Divert – makes the drone to fly away from the protective zone
    • Hold – drone is put in a loitering pattern
    • Land – activates the drone’s auto-landing feature
    • Eliminate – crashes the drone by immediate descending
  • Omni, directional or multi-node deployment option
  • Integrated with MADDOS detection sensors