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Kamikaze drone

Proven hard-kill solution to defeat the enemy UAV, by using physical approach. ASSASSIN drone is able to stop any intruding UAS, including pre-programmed, autonomous drones that can’t be jammed or hacked. In addition it can be deployed where signal jamming is unacceptable due to civilian constrains. The MADDOS ASSASSIN is an advanced, mini-sized, fully autonomous drone. It can be used to inspect, track and eliminate incoming drones, by physically engaging them.

  • Eliminates all kinds of drones
  • Day & night operation
  • Fully autonomous system integrated with MADDOS detection sensors
  • Coverage up to 2km and altitude up to 1000m AGL
  • Max. target velocity 22 m/s
  • Can be reused after target elimination, when equipped with net launcher